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How to Use the Press to Boost Your Project Momentum?

Hosted by Olivia Czetwertynski

International Communications Strategist

Tue, 26.05.2020, 17:00

Recommended donation: 8€

It’s no secret that getting featured in the right media at the right time can dramatically boost your project momentum and help you achieve your business goals.

As a founder, project manager or communication manager, sooner or later you will have to use the press to either: find the right investor, get a meeting with the right CEO of a big company, get more revenue or acquire new clients.
However, we all know that it’s difficult to get picked up by the media in a meaningful way. Why is that? Well, even if you're a tech genius or business prodigy who loves pitching to investors or potential clients, pitching to the media is a whole different ballgame. All too often, we fall prey to misunderstandings about how the media landscape functions, how to approach the people behind it, and why you should approach them at all.


During this workshop you'll discover the 7 steps system - GoPressGuide- to understand how the media industry works and get successful results with your international press campaign. 

You will have access to working templates with tools, metrics and a blueprint to build your own press campaign.

Olivia is an international consultant specialising in Global Communications/PR and growth strategy for SME.

As an early member of the European coworking and entrepreneurship movement, in 2010 she joined utopic_US, Spain’s largest coworking space as Communications/Press Director and later Partnership Manager for Coworking Europe. She is also the co-founder of, the first bloggers platform in Spain. Prior to this she worked for world-leading advertising agencies MRM Worldwide and TBWA. Her work reflects her international background, having been born in Canada and lived in Africa, Belgium, Spain and currently Germany.

5 Ways to Engage and Motivate Product Teams

Hosted by Boris Libeert

Product Management Coach

Thu, 28.05.2020, 18:00

Recommended donation: Buy Boris a fancy coffee :)

This intimate, interactive workshop will show how much impact a product manager has on the motivation of the team. We'll cover the core principles of motivation and leadership, which will be used as a guideline on what a product manager can do to keep their team from getting demotivated.

We'll help you recognize a demotivated team member and provide steps to take in order to get your team back on track. We'll list the top 5 things the product manager needs to take care of to fully motivate your design and engineering colleagues. A framework will be introduced that will help you make a habit out of doing the right things to keep motivation high. If you only act when people are already demotivated, you are too late.

Boris is a product and people person. He has a passion for coaching because he believes experience should be shared and avoidable mistakes prevented. After founding the IoT company Snuk, Boris moved on to coaching product managers and co-founders at WATTx, a Berlin-based company builder. He has set up various product teams from scratch; conceptualizing the idea, hiring the team and setting up the processes to deliver a great product. His background in electrical engineering enables him to manage products of various tech stacks and markets; Internet of Things, e-commerce, mobile apps, etc. Boris puts a lot of attention to communication, and how it can impact people collaborating more effectively and with less anxiety.

Past sessions

Product Leadership: increasing drive and setting your team for success

Hosted by Carolina Castanheira

Product leader and business coach

Friday, 3.4.2020, 16:00


How to lead inclusively through challenging times

Hosted by Margherita Sgorbissa

Diversity and inclusion consultant

Monday, 6.4.2020, 11:00

How to stand out during your job search to get the job you want

Hosted by Fareen Shaikh,

HR expert and career coach

Monday, 6.4.2020, 18:00


How to ethically market your services during a time of crisis

Hosted by Megan Thudium

Marketing expert and

business coach

Tuesday, 7.4.2020, 17:00

Mindfulness in uncertain times

Hosted by Nicole Gottselig

Senior Content Manager

and Content Writer

Tuesday, 7.4.2020, 10:00

Entrepreneurship - How to conquer your fears and keep working on your business

Hosted by Christiane Schild,

Professional business coach

Wednesday, 8.4.2020, 16:00

How to achieve peak performance as an entrepreneur

Hosted by Doried Ab,

Transformational coach

Thursday, 9.4.2020, 17:00

Navigating Your Career - How to Become a Product Manager

Hosted by Inbal Cohen

CPO and innovation expert


Tuesday, 14.4.2020, 18:00

How to Create an Online Personal Brand to Gain Opportunity

Hosted by Basant Shenouda,

Career Coach

Tuesday, 14.4.2020, 19:00

How to find, own, and share your story to supercharge connection

Hosted by Kat Brendall

Podcasting strategist & coach

Tuesday, 21.4.2020, 18:30

F*CK Anxiety &

Get Sh*t Done

Hosted by Vikki Yaffe

Entrepreneur and Coach

Thursday, 16.4.2020, 13:30

How to  build meaningful business relationships that will elevate your career

Hosted by Rotem Carmely,

CEO of Clustered

Thursday, 16.4.2020, 18:00


Self-Leadership - Lessons From Product Management to Skyrocket Your Career

Hosted by Balach Hussain

Entrepreneur and product leader

Wed, 29.4.2020, 18:00

Turn an Unengaged Group Into an Accountable, Effective Team

Hosted by Peter Griffiths

Business and leadership coach

Tue, 12.05.2020, 18:00

Launch a New Income Stream in 3 Days

Hosted by Olivia Wong

Business design and innovation expert


Wed, 06.05.2020, 18:00

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