From product manager

to product leader

A four-module program designed to support professionals transitioning from product management into product leadership who want to master the core skills of product leadership.

Each module is 5 weeks long, and participants may attend the whole program or individual modules.

Hosted by by Carolina Castanheira
Product leader and leadership coach

Weekly sessions via Zoom +

Ongoing support via

the Clustered App

Get exclusive access to the Clustered app, be mentored by an experienced entrepreneur and get support from a community of like-minded professionals in this uniquely designed program!






  • Are you transitioning from a successful product management career to a product leadership position?

  • Have you realised you cannot adapt organically to the demands of this new position?

  • Do you have limited support from your company and managers to help you develop as a product leader? 

You are not alone.
Many of us face the same challenges: to meet the expectations to drive the product vision to fulfill both customers’ and business’ needs, to lead other product managers, to deal with the ever-growing complexity of the market and of technology, to get buy-in from multiple and ever-sharper stakeholders, to collaborate effectively with difficult people. 

Join us and get support and practical advice from people who are experiencing or have experienced a similar transition in this 4-module program, organised to help you progress in the path to mastering the four core product leadership skills: delegating, inspiring, developing, and influencing.

Each module is a step in the path, so participants may choose to enroll in one, two, three or all modules, depending on their challenges and availability. 

Group coaching to get you the support that you need

This program offers you a safe and nurturing environment to learn from like-minded professionals and develop as a product leader.

The program is limited to 5 participants per module so that the optimal level of support can be provided to each person and so that all of us have the opportunity to share our experiences, challenges and achievements as we progress on our journey. 

This is for you if… 

  • You have excelled as a product manager in your immediate past and has recently moved into a product leadership position

  • You want to master the core skills of product leadership: delegating, inspiring, developing others, and influencing.

  • You want to identify how to add the most value as a product leader in your current position 

  • You would love to get support and practical advice from people who are experiencing or have experienced similar transition.

  • You learn best from and with others

  • You get little support from your organization, and have little exposure to good role models, 

  • You have limited time to learn and to improve.

What you’ll get access to in the program

Curated content hand-picked by your mentor

Each module will be accompanied by curated content that will guide you through the program and add extra value to your learning process via the Clustered app.  No irrelevant noise - simply relevant and useful content.

Weekly exercises and tasks 

You'll get different exercises each week for each topic you'll cover, which will help you keep track of your progress and get closer to your goal.

Weekly video calls with your Cluster

During our time together you will meet on a weekly basis, be guided by your mentor and coach each other to achieve the goals you set for yourself and challenge the beliefs that may be holding you back.

Group support and accountability 

This program offers you an intimate, supportive (while equally challenging) container to show up as you are, bringing the frustrations, celebrations, and everything in between to the table. 

Have a healthier and smoother transition into product leadership!

Learn to refocus your efforts and attention to the added value activities of leadership and excel as a product leader when prioritizing multiple products, when managing higher stakes, when communicating to sharper audiences, and when transitioning from individual contribution to people management.

  • FREE clarity call

  • Weekly Cluster zoom calls

  • Weekly actionable tasks

  • Be Part of an exclusive, intimate community

  • Ongoing support via the Clustered app - whenever, wherever!


What is the format of the meetings?

The program includes:

  • 1h30 weekly online zoom sessions
  • Ongoing support from mentor and peers through the Clustered app
  • Maximum of 5 participants per module

Why are there only 5 spots available?

This is the first run of the group coaching program, and as such we want to keep this one small, tight-knit group! This is also what allows us to offer you a discounted founding member’s price.

What is the cost of the program?

This is a pilot program, which is why we're working to make it super affordable! Book a call with Carolina to learn more.

I want to join! What do I need to do?

That’s great! Simply click on the apply button to schedule a 15-min discovery call with Fareen. Together, you’ll determine if you’re the right fit for the program. Then you’ll receive an email from us regarding the next steps.

What will I learn?

The program is designed to help participants progress in the path to master the four core product leadership skills: delegating, inspiring, developing, and influencing. Some of the possible questions we will explore are:

  • How to choose the right decision making approaches to delegate decisions?
  • How to create an inspiring product vision with team member’s collaboration?
  • How to align the product team with shared goals and drive motivation?
  • How to help team members identify areas for development?
  • How to manage powerful stakeholders without becoming political?
  • How to resolve interpersonal conflicts skilfully?

Who is leading this program?

Carolina Castanheira has 20+ years of experience in building Tech products and leading teams. She thrives in building new products, in leading change and in managing complexity. Carolina is pursuing a Coach Certificate at the Henley Business School in Germany. She is currently Director of Portfolio at HelloFresh and Founder and Coach at PATH.

Who would benefit from this program?

Professionals who are looking to start or already looking for opportunities but unable to find much success in their job search journey so far. The end goal is to equip you with the tools and resources that will help you now and in the future.

What is the schedule?

Sessions will be hosted either on Mondays or Wednesdays, depending on the groups availability.

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