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Get clustered with like-minded professionals so you can skip the awkwardness, build meaningful relationships and make the most out of the events you attend.

How Clustered works

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We'll match you with like-minded people so you can skip the awkwardness, build meaningful relationships and get the most out of the events you attend

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Simple quality networking

with minimal effort

As fun as it is to single-handedly annihilate the cheese plate at that event you couldn’t drag anyone to, networking can be a lonely and awkward endeavor.


While networking is essential for both business success and long-term career progression, does anyone actually enjoy it?


We have a better way.

Hand picked events for your goals 

With 100+ business and networking events happening every week, it’s hard to tell what’s worth attending. Leave the sifting through and curating to us.


Based on your goals, challenges and availability, we’ll provide you with a personalized list of savory events providing real value for your precious time.

Personalised matching with relevant professionals

Effective networking is not about quantity, it’s about quality.


Clustered takes the time-consuming guesswork out of networking by providing you with curated professional matches based on your personality, goals, attributes and challenges.


Spend less time sending connection requests and more time building worthwhile relationships IRL.

No more starting from scratch

It’s hard to make friends as an adult let alone get your foot in the door at your dream job. Now try doing all of this in a new city where you know no one, but with Clustered you don’t have to.


Clustered gets you connected with a supportive tribe so you have that village to lean on when the job search gets tough or an event hoping buddy when you’re ready to mingle for biz. 

Make connections when you travel or move to a new city

At Clustered, we know how tiresome it can be to try and develop valuable connections with other professionals beyond the business card exchange.


By providing you with a tailor-made networking experience, Clustered matches you with people who compliment your skills, goals and passions to help increase your chances of building real relationships and boost the overall value of your network.